Hopecatcher, Pendant - Poets of the Fall  
Hopecatcher Hopecatcher Hopecatcher Hopecatcher
Material: Steel
Chain length: 4,5 x 6 mm, length 80 cm
Size of the pendant: 14,5 x 52 mm
Weight: 24 grams
Release date: 21.08.2015
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Poets of the Fall and the Finnish jewellery company Kultajousi have together designed the Hopecatcher necklace, which is featured in the music video of the band’s latest single Choice Millionaire.

"In the music video the necklace represents a tiny piece of a parallel universe, which makes you think of the possibility of a better world. Also the feathers and traditional dreamcatchers the fans has brought us as gifts, have been a recurring theme on the Jealous Gods tour that has lasted about a year now. The name 'Hopecatcher' seemed to fit the feather-shaped necklace perfectly. The necklace is like a symbolic key to another world."

- Marko Saaresto, Poets of the Fall

"This has been a really interesting project. It's been a pleasure to see how the creativity of a rock band can be integrated with product design, and how it all impacts the planning of a music video and the end result."

- Tomas Nyberg, Marketing director of Kultajousi

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The Hopecatcher

I want to praise the overall quality and design of the Hopecatcher, but I want also to state that, to my personal opinion, this accessory is more suited for men because of the size and weight of the pendant, and because the chain is pretty thick.
I still love my Hopecatcher, no matter what. Just wanted to point out that one thing, because I was a bit surprised when I realized that it is much larger than I expected.

The customer has purchased this product from us
Beautiful Hopecatcher

A well-crafted, detailed piece of jewellery with a beautiful story and meaning behind it that make it a truly special item. Not cheap-looking and definitely worth its price. Loving it and wearing it since the day the package arrived. Hopefully it'll be back in stock soon; it would make a lovely gift.

The customer has purchased this product from us
Female, Age 26 - 35
Love it!

I ordered two, one for me and one for my partner. We both love it, the hopecatcher are so beautiful.

The customer has purchased this product from us
Age 19 - 25

Absolutely beautiful! It's lovely and so well-crafted, heavy and not flimsy. A pleasure to look at and wear. Worth every penny and the wait. I love the meaning behind it and the message of the video, and it's truly a special piece. I hope to see more of these types of items made, and more jewelery. Very happy with it, and I will treasure it in the years to come.

The customer has purchased this product from us
Female, Age 19 - 25

Just received it and it is beautiful, it's a great pendant, the chain is a bit long but it also means you can wear it at any length.
The delivery is pretty fast too. This is cool

The customer has purchased this product from us
Male, Age 19 - 25
Hopecatcher necklace

Bought the hopecatcher necklace the same day the video came out and less than a week later it arrived here in the states-so I've had it about 7 weeks now. I love the design and the story behind it. Every time I wear it- I love it more. It is so beautiful and very well made. I have gotten many compliments on it. I hope this will be the first of more jewelry items to come. Thanks Marko and the rest of Poets of The Fall. Lu

The customer has purchased this product from us
Female, Age 46 - 60
Beautifully made

Ordered a pair for myself and my partner for her birthday. She loved it and so do I, nicely made and the extra long chain means you can wear it at any length.

The customer has purchased this product from us
Male, Age 26 - 35

Aivan ihana livenä vielä parempi kuin kuvassa :)